Owner FAQs

What are your management fees?

This is the most commonly asked question. Just like people, all properties are different. What works for one property may not work for others. We would love to discuss your property and needs and then quote you a price. Our prices are extremely competitive and comes with the value you deserve. Please call us at 801-473-1127 for a no-obligation quote.

What other fees do you have?

We are very transparent about our fees and do not charge for every service we provide. We want to make sure you feel like you are getting a great value for your money. The only fee we charge in addition to our monthly management fee is a one-time initial set up fee of $100. If we provide maintenance or repairs outside of our scope of management services, we do charge a reasonable hourly rate plus the cost of materials.

Do we still pay management fees while our property is vacant?

No. Our management fee is a percentage of rent collected. If we are not collecting rent for you, you are not paying for it.

What services are included as part of your management fee?

First and foremost, our services include our knowledge and expertise. Our managers are all UPRO certified, which is the highest designation provided to property managers by the Utah Apartment Association. Very few managers in Utah hold this designation. This ensures you are getting a knowledgeable manager who is educated on laws and best practices in the industry. In addition, we provide the following:

  • Showing to prospective tenants
  • Effective advertising of property including a 360 virtual tour.
  • Regular evaluations and inspections of property accompanied by reports
  • Prospective tenant screenings
  • Prepare and signing of leases
  • Streamline rent collection coupled with direct deposit fund distribution
  • Affordable and effective maintenance
  • Owner portal with 24/7 access to financial and property information
  • Evictions and collections at no additional charge
  • Quality tenant relationships and communication
  • Transparent and competitive fees
  • Video move in, move out inspection

What are your renter requirements?

We screen applicants to make sure they are qualified to rent. This involves obtaining a credit score, criminal history report, previous landlord check, employment and income verification. While individual owners may adjust their minimum criteria you will find the most common minimum base criteria below. This is not a full list of criteria, but is a list of the most common reasons for disqualification.

  • Minimum credit score: 600
  • No major recent crime history
  • Good landlord and employment references
  • Income of 3X rent

Can you limit the number of people who live in my property?

We are serious about following fair housing laws and do not discriminate based on familial status. However, we feel it is unsafe to have more than 2 occupants per bedroom and we do limit occupants based on that rule. We also are educated on rules set by municipalities and abide by those. Most municipalities have limits on the number of unrelated occupants that can live in a property.

Are you licensed and insured?

In Utah, it is required by law to be licensed under the division of real estate to manage rental properties. All agents at Ameritrue are not only licensed but they are educated beyond the typical manager to ensure we provide the best service possible. Ameritrue carries sufficient errors and omissions insurance as well as a general liability policy.

What are your occupancy rates?

We pride ourselves on having very low vacancy. We know how important it is to keep rentals filled. Properties are tracked to determine the length of time it takes to rent based on its condition, location and the price. That data is used to determine the proper amount of time needed to market your property and have a new tenant ready to move in by the time the current tenant moves out. Often times we only have 2-3 days vacancy in-between tenants to do any necessary cleaning and repairs.

Do you have an attorney on retainer?

We would like to think that there never will be any problems with our rental properties or tenants. For the most part, this is true because we do such a good job screening, but occasionally we encounter a situation that is less than desirable and have to get an attorney involved. We have one of the best and most well known landlord attorneys in the state of Utah on retainer. We want to make sure you have the maximum protection available and we spared no expense in this area to do it.

Who wrote your lease?

Our attorney wrote our lease. It is as close to a bulletproof lease as we have ever seen.

What is your late rent policy?

Rent is always due on the first and late after the 5th day of the month. If a tenant has not paid by the 6th day of the month, we collect a late fee based off the rental price of the property. Due to the extra work involved in rent collection, Ameritrue retains the late fee. If a tenant has not paid by the 10th of the month we serve a 3 day to pay or vacate notice. By the 15th day of the month we turn it over to our attorney to begin collections and evictions. We keep you informed along the way so you know what is happening. An eviction can sometimes take as little as 2-3 weeks to complete making sure you don't go much more than a month without rent in a bad situation. We even pay the attorney fees as our commitment to you that we are confident in who we are selecting as tenants.

Do you do any regular inspections of the property?

We do a quarterly inspection of our rentals to make sure they are being maintained and there are not any surprises at the end of a lease. Many companies charge for this additional service and some do not provide you with a report that it was actually done.

How long does it take for you to pay me?

As long as rent is not late, we will have rent direct deposited to your account no later than the 10th of the month.

Can tenants pay electronically?

Yes. We make every effort to make it easy for tenants to get rent to us on time. That includes an electronic payment option.

What is your repair process?

Ameritrue has an in house maintenance department. We do most small repairs in an effort to avoid high costs by repairmen. When there is a need for major repairs (usually over $3,000 or major appliance repairs) we hire it out. A list of preferred vendors is maintained, who often provide us with special pricing, but we always get multiple bids just to make sure we aren't leaving any of your money on the table. Repairs under $250 are usually done without receiving prior approval from the owner as are emergency repairs regardless of their cost.


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